Merchant Update 27 Dec 2018

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Merchant Update 27 Dec 2018

Post by Ingwaz Thor on Thu Dec 27, 2018 7:50 pm

Hello Merchants!

In an effort to better consolidate the sim finances, we have a dedicated avatar now for all incoming lindens. Consequently, we need you to change the commission on your vendors from Daryth Kennedy to:

IsleofWyrmsOp Resident

If you have been around the IoW marketplace you may have noticed some construction going on. Snow Scarmon is rebuilding the market area so that it is more visible and open to IoW visitors above. We hope this translates into more revenue for you.

In addition, we have moved fishing contests into the market area. Hammy conducts three rounds of fishing there every friday at 1 PM and Monthly Birthdy/Rezz Day fishing the first Wednesday at 3 PM every month.

Throughout 2019 we will continue to put forth efforts to attract more traffic to the market area. If you have any ideas or would like to sponsor or run an event in the market area we are happy to hear from you about it.

Ingwaz Thor
IoW Elder Guardian

Ingwaz Thor
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